Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many photographers will there be at any given workshop?
A. The workshops are capped at 15 photographers.

Q. What editing programs do you use/teach?
A. The techniques I use are easily transferred from one editing program to another. However, I teach with ACR and Photoshop CS5 or 6.

Q. Will you be teaching flash or other artificial light?
A. No.  The images you see on the workshop website were all taken with natural light. I will teach you how to see it, and manipulate it to achieve gorgeous, flattering lighting.

Q. What if I don't have a studio? Will the Indoor Workshop still be helpful?
A. YES! Seeing light is an invaluable tool to have as a photographer. I will help you learn how to achieve the Simplicity style of lighting with minimal set-up, even in a client's home.

Q. What time do the workshops start and end?
A. Exact times will depend on the location and time of year, please inquire about a specific city. Generally speaking we go ALL day on Saturday and until about 1 or 2pm on Sunday.

Q. Will you feed us?
A. Of course! We work with fabulous host photographers who arrange a variety of tasty and healthy options for breakfast and lunch. Dinner will be out at a casual restaurant on Saturday.  Because our workshops are small, we are able to accomodate you if you have specific dietary needs or requests.

Q. Will you talk about business or pricing?
A. The workshop is not about business or pricing. There is just so much to teach about other things that there isn't time.  However, we have had lots of great informal roundtable discussions about these things during meals and down times at past workshops.

Q. I would like my family to model for one of your workshops, how can we do this?
A. The models are arranged by the host photographer. In order to be fair to paid attendees, photographer's families are not eligible. If you are a current or past attendee and would like your family to model, we MAY be able to use you. However, we prefer to use "real" families who haven't seen our tricks or played our games in order to give the attendees a real life scenario. Please contact me if you are interested and we will keep you in mind if we can't find enough models.  Model families should have 3-4 children between the ages of 3-12.  If you would like a personal family portrait session during my visit to your city, please inquire with me.  I can usually fit in about 2 family sessions on the front and tail end of my visit.  Family sessions for current or past attendees are $1800 and include between 40-60 fully edited digital negatives.