Authentic, Emotional Family Portraiture done Simply....Beautifully

  Do you dread shooting families?  Or do you love shooting families but feel stuck in a rut creatively? 

Do your family images seem too "forced" or "cheesy"? 

Do you feel like a sparrow in a hurricane at family sessions involving lots of kids?

Want to learn how to capture authentic emotion, in any kind of environment, using just available light? 

Want to learn how to shoot a family session with lots of variety in less than an hour, even in a small studio? 

Want your clients to feel relaxed, have FUN and be grateful that it didn't take long at all?

If you answered "Oh heck YEAH" to any of the above, then this workshop is for you!  From intermediate newer photographers to seasoned professionals, our workshops have been helping photographers do all of the above since 2009.  (Want references?  See our testimonials or ask around.  We are sure you'll hear nothing but great things!) 

  This year we are shaking things up a bit.  What this means is MORE content, LESS time/travel commitment away from your studio, and LESS investment....yes, I really said LESS investment!  

   In years past, we offered 2 separate workshops (Indoor and Outdoor).  This year we are offering the content of BOTH workshops as one.  In addition, with your workshop admission, you will receive a copy of each of the first 3 workbooks: GET REAL, LIGHTEN UP and "poor unnamed so far book 3 on indoor natural lighting and posing".  If you have already purchased one or more of the workbooks, we have you covered!  You will receive a $100 per book discount on the admission price of the workshop. 

  AND..... If you come to a Denver workshop, we are including an optional travel package (hotel, shuttle, and all meals).  So, if you can get yourself on a plane to Denver, we will take care of you from there!  No need to stress about booking a hotel, rental car, getting lost, etc.  We've got you covered.

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About Laura

  With 2 thriving studios Eyesmiles Photography®  in Denver and St. Louis, Laura has perfected the art of the family session over the past 10+ years in business.  She strives to create an environment within the session that allows families to feel comfortable enough to "let loose and be themselves" in an artful and beautiful way. Her portrait website can be found here   Eyesmiles Photography
    Laura also has a successful Commercial and Editorial business. Laura's work has been published by clients such as Parents Magazine, Mothering Magazine, The NFL Players Association, Cotton Babies, Rumparooz, Bum Genius, Lucky and Me, Baby Beehaven, Cardthartic and others.  She has also been published in 3 books: Mamarazzi-Every Mom's Guide to Photographing Kids, NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters and The Little Redhead Book.  Her commercial site can be found here Laura Siebert