Testimonials from Workshop Attendees

"Laura was amazing! Just to see her work her magic was awesome and then to see her complete workflow…it was icing on the cake. In photoshop she was able to teach this “old dog” a ton of new tricks but yet keep it simple for people just starting out. Then to see how she interacts with families was truely amazing. She was able to get geniue smiles and laughs out of everyone and I mean EVERYONE! It was an all around wonderful workshop."
                                                           -Brenda Acuncius


"Laura was an open book and took time with her materials and explanation of her process. She was genuinely invested in having us walk away with the information that we hoped to obtain. I don’t think I’ve ever met another photographer who knows as much about light as Laura does or who strives for complete perfection in his/her images. She is a true professional and I just hope that some of that has rubbed off on me. The workshop was thought out, organized, and intimate enough to get more than your money’s worth."
                                                          -Becky Coyle


"I attended the indoor workshop in Dallas and it was worth every penny! Everything was perfect to the setting, the food and the amount of attendees. Laura is the real deal and a true professional. I walked away with a whole new business concept and a new love for natural light. Many many ” a ha” moments."
                                                          -Allyson Crozier


"I just have to say that you are a miracle worker!!! I just went and photographed MY OWN CHILDREN and I got the BEST pictures I have ever gotten out of them. They are my toughest, toughest subjects and I have pictures that I am just dying over. Seriously, so, so happy!"
                                                          -Kim Hudson


"Laura gave so freely of all of her knowledge…I learned SO much regarding mastering skin tones. More importantly, she taught us how to capture genuine expression in our work. It was worth every penny and every minute- LOVED IT!!"
                                                         -Melanie Furstenberg


"Laura is simply AMAZING!!! This was my first workshop & it was truly 100 % worth it. I loved that she was so down to earth & explained everything & made sure we each understood every subject she was talking about. You walk out of there inspired & confident and ready to start shooting!! I would without a doubt attend another workshop of Laura’s. Thanks you so much Laura for taking the time & patience to teach each one of us. May God bless!!!"
                                                          -Arcy Juarez


Testimonials from Workbook Purchasers


"I received the two workbooks in the mail! LOVE them! This is the style of portraits I most enjoy creating for my clients! So much nicer than the stuffy, everyone staring at the camera with a fake smile variety! Thank you so much for all the work you put into making such a wonderful resource. I also really appreciate the printed product, rather than just another digital product that gets lost in my downloads!"


"I love your book! Have spent thousands on workshops and this book has more information in it than all of them combined."


"I devoured the entire book in one sitting and plan to read it again and again! As someone who has been in the business for several years and is technically strong, I found it to be just what I needed and am so grateful for it."


"I've been meaning to write to you for the last 2 months and tell you how much I gained from your GET REAL workbook. It made a WORLD of difference in how my fall family sessions went this year!!! The games were so helpful and I got some really great expressions and great family interaction AND they took less time than normal. What?! I owe you a huge thanks!!!"


"I love your workbooks, they are an absolute gem and I can hardly wait to impliment the techniques in upcoming sessions. I devoured them in one night. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge gained through your years of experience. I can only imagine the undertaking involved in creating these materials.
Also I just want to comment that in a digital age of cost saving PDFs, a big selling point for me was having your books to touch and hold. I love physical books. There is just something so much more intimate about them."


"Your ideas to capture interaction and emotion have made a huge difference in the flow of my sessions and the emotions captured in each image. I've loved your work for YEARS, and to come closer to capturing the joy and connections you capture is an incredible gift to my business and my clients!"


"Experimented all your tips and today tried them on my own kids that are very unwilling to collaborate... The results are overwhelming!"